Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm living on coffee, donuts, and French fries? Will this program be too advanced for me?

This program is designed to work with each exactly where they are so that they can upgrade and improve their diet and health at a pace that is comfortable for them. The Thrive7 Program is about helping each person to set themselves up lasting success. So whether you’re sipping on kale smoothies every morning, or hitting the drive through at night (or both!), you’ll quickly realize that no matter what you’re eating now, you can do this!!


I've been living a healthy lifestyle for years and already know a TON about health and nutrition. Is there still something I can learn in this program?

Absolutely, but read through our orders page carefully to make sure everything listed are things you want to learn. Often times, very healthy people (or even health coaches and other nutritionists) join us just for the information and leave wildly inspired about living even more vibrantly than they thought possible.

I'm a vegetarian/vegan. Can I still do your program?

Yes, while I do often recommend high-quality animal protein and animal products throughout the program, we also give a wide array of options and product swaps that can help vegetarians understand how to be the healthiest vegetarian/vegan they can be.

How much time do I need to do this?

This program is designed to provide you with helpful guides and materials to allow you to do much of the program at home around your schedule. The first few weeks of the plan are dedicated to getting you familiar with the program and helping you to prepare for success before our official 30 day start. Each week members of our group are encouraged to meet with our Thrive7 coach to discuss the finer details of the program, answer questions, and provide practical tips to help for a smooth transition into the program. We encourage all our members to attend these weekly in person sessions, however they are not a requirement.

The most successful graduates of the Thrive7 program carve out two hours per week to watch all the videos, go through the reading materials and to plan your “action items” for the following week. Then carve out another 2-3 hours/week for cooking and shopping if you want to get further faster. We also include how to be healthy when frequent travel is involved, what to do when you eat out a lot, and how to make healthy choices on-the-go so please don’t worry that once you enroll, you’ll spend all your time in the kitchen as that isn’t so.

What if I am not tech savvy?

This program only requires basic computer and email skills and a willingness to put in the time to watch and read. We do have a mobile application our members can download to track daily points (described in our getting started materials). We have customer support that can help you with your technical questions.

Since this is a group program, how do you maintain accountability?

Members can expect encouragement emails each week to help you stay motivated and inspired and to troubleshoot. I will give you all the tools to make this happen, but remember that ultimately, I am just a guide who is sharing knowledge and information and an action plan with you. Ultimately you are the primary person needed to make these healthy changes happen in your life. You must take action and work the program if you want results. Whether you do this program or work with a private practitioner one-on-one, personal accountability and personal responsibility for your health is the single most important ingredient for lasting success.

What if I can't afford the entire cost upfront? Do you have a payment plan?

You can either pay in full or choose to pay in two monthly installments.

What if I don't like it? Can I get a refund?

Yes. We offer a 7-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee. However, do not enroll in this program just to “try it out”. This program is for serious action-takers who want to learn and implement what we teach. It is for people motivated and excited to help themselves.

My approach is via education, motivation, and inspiration, not tough love. I give you email support and encouragement and detailed action items to follow as well as enough information to customize to your unique health situation and goals.
If after 7 days the program does not resonate you, we are happy to refund your money 100%.

Do the dietary recommendations for this program follow any particular protocol?

The purpose of our dietary recommendations is to reset your health, your habits, and your relationship with food.

The foods we recommend in our program must meet 4 healthy standards in order to be included in our program.

  • Promote a healthy psychological response
  • Promote a healthy hormonal response
  • Support a healthy gut
  • Minimize inflammation

Is this program essentially a weight loss challenge?

Our Thrive7 program is not focused on weight loss, and is not a “biggest loser” challenge. Approximately 90% of our members do experience significant weight loss. However, this program is about a lot more than the number you see on the scale. The Thrive7 program focuses on food quality, understanding cravings and addictions, learning about our body and how the food we eat nourishes it, learning how factors outside of the food we eat significantly impacts our health, and finally enjoying and contributing to a supportive community of like-minded people.

Why is this program 7 weeks?

Habit research shows that the average days it takes to make a new habit stick is 66 days, but the harder more complicated the change the longer it will take you to really solidify the new behavior. We know from years of experience that long challenges (over 2 months) can feel daunting, and short challenges (less than 2 weeks) wouldn’t bring about the stunning changes people are looking for. Therefore, we landed in the middle! We feel very confident that 7 weeks will give our members the results they want, with adequate time to prepare, and execute our program without being so long that we scare people away.

I will be traveling for part of the 7 week program, can I still sign up?

Absolutely! Most of our materials are given to you to read at home. Daily emails and access to coaches for questions or troubleshooting can be done remotely.