A 7-week journey to help you feel whole again

The action items in the Thrive7 Program are spaced out in a way that set you up for success to prime your mind as well as your habits for healthy changes.

Our program will help you to set goals, evaluate your limitations, identify areas for improvement and offer solutions to living a healthier life long after the program is over.  Week after week our program focuses on a new topic designed to layer the healthy choices we want more of, rather than focus on all the things we are doing “wrong”.  By creating more awareness, educating ourselves and crowding out poor choices with an abundance of healthier alternatives we are able to make changes that feel less restrictive and are easier to implement long term.


What’s Included

  • Kick-off introductory session with Q&A
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Meal Planing Resources, Shopping Lists & Recipies
  • 7 On-site small group sessions with weekly learning modules and group discussion
  • One on One personal phone calls with health coach to monitor progress
  • Daily emails with inspiration, and resources
  • Program “Wrap Up” with member highlights
  • Optional small group outings: grocery tours/member outings & guest speakers booked for groups by request.

Program Outline

Session 1

Setting Goals, priming our mindset & preparing for change

Taking time to evaluate and understand what your goals are for your health is a critical component to success, yet often left out of the process. Having a clear understanding of what you want, why you want it will begin to lay the groundwork for you to make real change and best of all allow you to see and track your progress.

One of the best things we can do to achieve any successful outcome is to properly prime prepare. Evaluating our lifestyle, looking at our calendars, prepping our kitchens and stocking our shelves play a big role in our day to day success. Set goals and create a road map for how you will achieve the level of health you seek.


Session 2

Understanding inflammation & Preparation tactics for success.

Inflammation is your bodies natural response to heal an injury or fight infection.  It is the cornerstone of the bodies healing response.  However inappropriate, sustained inflammation in the body is bad for you and if left unchecked will begin to be productive of disease.  Unfortunately, many of us don’t even know we have it.  This session will help you understand what systemic inflammation is, how it can impact your health and what you can do about it.

The second part of this session will give participants some tactical tools and resources to prepare for healthy changes.  Ramp up your shopping and cooking and meal planning.  Learn how to navigate your grocery store including discovering new, delicious foods that sky rocket your health while teaching you the art of how to cook tasty meals you can enjoy all week.

We give suggestions on meal plans with corresponding shopping lists and hundreds of healthy recipes, you will gain MUCH more confidence in the kitchen so that you can make changes that work as a lifestyle for the long haul.

Session 3

Sugar addiction & Improving Relationship with Food, Your Body, Yourself and Sugar

It’s now time to confront your relationship with yourself and your body, and your relationship with sugar head on. This is the session where we break up with sugar for good and learn to keep the sweetness in your life while eliminating the sugar. You’ll learn which carbs you need to eat and how to achieve the permanent freedom from cravings you seek. This session you’ll get the hang of feeding yourself what you are truly hungry for (most often this has nothing to do with food) creating emotional freedom and a healthy relationship with food and self. Learn how to balance your blood sugar, improve metabolism and refill your tank so that you begin to have better moods, steadier energy, and if you need to lose weight, you can start to lose the average of 6-8 lbs per month.

Session 4

Understanding gluten sensitivity

This session you’ll learn about the dangers of inflammation in the body, what causes it and how the food we eat and the supplements we take can elimination inflammation using easy, at-home techniques for greater mobility, flexibility, and empowerment to fight health challenges and diseases.

Session 5

Food as Medicine

Here’s where you learn to create your own natural apothecary at home. Take a deeper dive into nutritional supplements that help keep you and your family healthy for years to come. Customize unique protocols for various common health issues/conditions. Learn which spices and herbs to stock in your at-home “farm-acy” to improve your health naturally and help you avoid or improve many health issues.

Session 6

Creating an Honest, Loving Relationship with Yourself and Others

The Thrive7 program is about much more than the foods we eat. We talk a lot about nutrition, healing foods, and how to transform the physical body. However, in order for positive changs to take place at the deepest level and in order for it to last a lifetime, one must also address and deepen their mental, emotional, and spiritual relationship to themselves.

  • How do you talk to yourself?
  • How do you view yourself?
  • What are the limiting beliefs that stand in the way of achieving the health and life you want?

We answer these questions as we address the emotional roots to physical health issues. Practical tools are given in order to help you view health challenges as great opportunities for life lessons that forever add value to your perspective on the world. This section’s focus is to enhance your connection to the “bigger picture” of life, affording you a genuine sense of peace and confidence.

Session 7

Thrive Celebration

When you incorporate the right foods for your body and fill in nutritional deficiencies essential for growth, metabolism, and hormonal balance, not only do you feel 10x better, you also look 10x better and weight loss happens as a byproduct of achieving greater health and balance.

This session is the time when our small group community will come together to share our 7-week experience with each other and celebrate in our achievements! Community support is an important part of making healthy changes and the relationships we make with like minded individuals are often an important part of long term success.