Westford CAT interviews Thrive Health & Wellness Inc.


Thrive Health & Wellness Inc. founder Susanne Duato had the pleasure of speaking with Jennifer Claro,  Director of the Westford Council on Aging about the success of the Thrive7 program there.  Since launching our Thrive7 program at the Westford senior center we have worked with 70 individuals wanting to improve their health.  Those 70 individuals collectively lost 600lbs of unwanted weight, and through better nutrition and lifestyle choices were able to get profound results that went beyond the scale.  Members reported a better relationship with food, fewer cravings, a better understanding of the harmful effects of inflammation in the body.  Many were able to lower their blood pressure, lower cholesterol, reduce achy joints,  increase energy, and so much more.

Listen to hear Susanne’s thoughts on the challenges with modern healthcare, the dangers of silent inflammation, and the importance of making healthy lifestyle programs like Thrive7 available and affordable for all. Watch this online interview here.